Writing a Letter

A Letter To Everyone With a Parent or Parents

The Gift of Parents

My parents

This was a message I shared on my regular social media channels. I just felt the need to compile it into a blog article that anyone could find anytime long after the posts on social media have been pushed somewhat infinitely down my feed.

Pray for your parents.
Call your parents.
Love your parents.
Honor your parents.
According to your capacity, send gifts to your parents.

The truth is as a child to your parents, you may have absolutely no idea what sacrifices your dad and mum have made to give you whatever they could in this life. To them, you are their responsibility. You are their care and their primary concern even above their basic needs and desires.

Parents naturally don’t hate their children. They may have been hard on you, used harsh and unpleasant words while speaking to you, but that was probably how best they could express their love at the time.

Deep in their hearts, they hope, wish and pray that you are better than them in all things. Agreed, you may have been hurt, broken and emotionally unstable because of your parents. I honestly wished they knew better. They would have done better. For example, the same mum who called you stupid or idiot was the same mum who couldn’t sleep at night because you were running a fever.

You see, my dear friends, parenting doesn’t come with a manual as with other human relationships. There may be an ideal for how human relationships ought to be, but again, there is no one-size-fits-all template for human relationships and interactions.

I plead with you, do not look at the flaws and frailties of your parents.

If anything counts for something to you, remember any time you were happy because of them and love them for that. That happy moment is the memory of daddy and mummy you should have. Our parents are irreplaceable.

Never wish other people’s parents were your parents. Rather thank God for yours and bless them with your heart. Our parents are not perfect in themselves, but they are our parents and they wish us good fortune.

My parents wanted me to become a medical doctor as do almost every Nigerian parent. Why? Doctors pretty much have comfortable lives above the regular and average Nigerian working in a 9-5 job. I, however, didn’t study medicine even when I had the opportunity to in the University of Benin.

Were they hurt by my decision? My mum particularly was for a while and it was pretty tough. Eventually, they saw my reasons why I turned down an admission into the noble field of Medicine to finish up the course I was studying at the time. I know you want to know what the course was. I studied Plant Biology and Biotechnology at the University of Benin.

Today, through the relentless support of my parents, having faith, and trusting in me, I am a Pastor, a decent Gentleman, a Lover, an Entrepreneur, a Big Brother to my siblings. I am all that I am because of my dad and mum. I am all that I am because God gave them to me as my parents, as my guiding light. It’s a life privilege I will never take for granted nor trivialize. They own their place in my heart. Nothing and no one takes that away from them.

I am because they are.

As I tie this short admonition up.

For those who never had any parental influence, I will not pretend to understand what it was or is like because I grew up with mine.

Most importantly, God is gracious. He is a Father to the fatherless. God loves more than a mother who is breastfeeding her suckling baby ever can. I pray for you today that the love of God finds expression and home in your heart and life.

If you haven’t heard from your parents in a while, now is a good time to reach out and make them know how important they are to you.

PS: I hear many African parents don’t know how to say “I love you”. Laughs out loud. Oh well, they love you and that’s all that matters eventually.


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